Symbolic Computational Algebra 2002

Fields Institute special meeting on Symbolic and Numeric Computation in Geometry, Algebra and Analysis

July 15 - 19,   2002

University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario, Canada

Hosted by the Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

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Robert Corless    Edward Green    Serkan Hosten    Reinhard Laubenbacher   
Victoria Powers    Greg Reid    

Pre-Conference Workshop & Schedule (July 13 - 14)

Topics include: coding theory; geometric invariant theory; and interaction between symbolic-numeric computation and computational algebra.

Laureano Gonzalez-Vega     George Labahn     Peter Olver     Joachim Rosenthal

One Hour Speakers (July 15 - 19)

A. Dickenstein, K. Gatermann, A. Iserles, G. Kemper, G. Labahn, P. Olver, L. Robbiano, J. Rosenthal, F. Sottile, J. Verschelde

Abstracts and web pages for one hour speakers

Half Hour Speakers (July 15 - 19)

F. Boulier, M. Boutin, R. Datta, J. De Loera, I. Emiris, A. Khetan, I. Kogan, G. Lecerf, A. Leykin, J. Little, D. Maclagan, E. Mansfield, M. Morena-Maza, M. O'Sullivan, P. Parrilo, H. Schenck, W. Sit, H. Stetter, S. Sullivant, L. Zhi

Abstracts and web pages for half hour speakers

Support for the Conference: We gratefully acknowledge generous support from the Fields Institute Thematic Program (Canada): Numerical and Computational Challenges in Science and Engineering and also from the National Science Foundation (USA). ORCCA Logo