Crucial Program-Directions-Accomod-Money Info

Our conference is almost here!

DRAFT PROGRAM (modulo minor changes) is AT WEB SITE

DIRECTIONS MAPS ETC: The Important Arrival Info also contains a Map of the area around Huron College. Note that crossing the University of Western Ontario Campus from Richmond, is no t possible because of construction. See the new Directions Link for detailed in fo. Parking is also discussed there.

ACCOMODATION ETC: The accomodation that has been booked for you is at Huron College. See the new link and info at the sca2002 web page

PAYMENT: Can be made in US or Canadian Currency in the form of Cash, Money Order, Check. Visa and Mastercard will be accepted.

REIMBURSEMENT : US Citizens will have to pay at the conference site and claim reimbursement later. For the most part, non-US citizens will not have to pay at the conference site for meals and accomodation if they have been offered support for this.