Directions to the Accomodation and Conference Site

The designated conference accomodation is at Huron College which is also the site of the conference.

Map of UWO showing location of Huron College.

Map of London, showing the location of University and Huron, relative to city and major roads.

Huron College is on the eastern edge of the campus of the University of Western Ontario. Follow the link below for directions to UWO. NOTE: DUE TO CONSTRUCTION ON THE CAMPUS BRIDGE, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO DRIVE THROUGH THE CAMPUS OF UWO TO GET TO HURON COLLEGE.

ALTERNATE ROUTE TO HURON COLLEGE: When coming from the 401, you enter the city on Wellington Street, at its southern end. Go north on Wellington, and then go north on Richmond St (the main north-south street in the northern part of the city).

Go north along Richmond, 1 km PAST the main entrance to the University (University Drive) on your left. Do not take the main entrance! Just after the bridge, turn left on Windermere Road, then after 400 metres, turn left on Western Road.

After traveling a little less than 1 km on Western Road, turn right into Huron College. You will pass a large building on your left. Note that this building is the food court, in which you will have your meals.

Turn left into the very large parking area, just after the Food Court, and park there. If asked by the parking attendant, just indicate that you are attending SCA 2002 (parking is complimentary).

Follow the signs to Huron College in Deck. Directions to University of Western Ontario