Postdoctoral Fellows:


Thesis Supervision

Wenyuan Wu Geometric Symbolic-Numeric Methods for Differential and Algebraic Systems PhD  2003-2007  
Wenqin Zhou Symbolic Computation Techniques for Solving Large Expression Problems from Mathematics and Engineering PhD  2003-2007 co-supervisor with D.J.Jeffrey
Robin Scott Approximate Gröbner Bases – a Backwards Approach MSc  2004-2006  
Silvana Ilie  Complexity of DAE Solving PhD  2001-2005 co-supervisor with R. Corless
Yang Zhang Algorithms for noncommutative differential operators PhD 2000-2004 co-supervisor with M. Giesbrecht, U of Waterloo
Feng Xie Analysis of nonlinear Schrödinger Equations MSc  2001-2002 principal supervisor  (with R. Valluri)
Allan Wittkopf  Algorithms and Implementations for Differential Elimination PhD 1997-2004 co-supervisor with M. Monagan, SFU
Colin Rust Rankings of Derivatives for Elimination Algorithms and Solvability of Analytic PDEs PhD 1995-1998 co-supervised with W. Fulton, U. of Chicago
A. Boulton New Symmetries From Old MSc  1991-1993 co-supervised with G. Bluman, UBC

Undergraduate Student Thesis Supervision:

2006-07  Shannon Collinson Numerical Solutions of PDEs and Applications (with H. Rassmussen)
2003-04 Robin Scott Symbolic-Numeric Methods for Differential-Algebraic Equations
2002-03 Greg Ludziejewski Differential-Algebraic Equations: Solutions and Applications
2001-02 Joe Bonasia The Symbol Space: Involutive Rank Conditions for the approximate symmetries of ODE and PDE
2001-02 Chris Smith Further Development in HomotopySolve for Maple 7 

Other Research Supervision:



Supervisory Committees:  (* denotes supervisor)

Derek Liang  PhD in progress (D. Jeffrey*, G. Reid, P. Yu) Wenyuan Wu PhD 2007 (G. Reid*, R. Corless, D. Jeffrey)
Wenqin Zhou PhD 2007 (G. Reid*, R. Corless, D. Jeffrey*) Azar Shakoori PhD 2007 (R. Corless*, D. Jeffrey, G. Reid)
Jichao Zhao PhD 2006 (R. Corless*, H. Rasmussen, G. Reid) Robin Scott   MSc 2006  (G. Reid*)
Silvana Ilie PhD 2005  (R. Corless*, D. Jeffrey, G. Reid*) Yang Zhang  PhD 2004 (M. Giesbrecht*, G. Reid*, R. Corless)
Yuan Yuan   PhD 2002 (P. Yu*, R. Corless, G. Reid) Feng Xie MSc 2002 (G. Reid*, R. Valluri*)
Daniel Stubbs PhD 2001 (H. Rasmussen*, M. Davison, G. Reid) Mhenni Benghorbal PhD 2004 (R. Corless*, D. Jeffrey, G. Reid)
George LeMac MSc 2001 (D. Jeffrey*, G. Reid) Patrick Doran-Wu  PhD 1996 UBC (G. Bluman*, G. Reid)
Ian Lisle  PhD 1992  UBC (G. Bluman*, G. Reid)

Thesis Examining Committees (departmental):

Xiaofang Xie  PhD 2007   KyuTae Kim PhD 2003
Andrea Doeschl   PhD 2002   Daniel Stubbs PhD 2003

External PhD Examiner:

Francois Lemaire University of Lille, France  PhD 2002
Teijo Arponen Helsinki University of Technology, Finland  PhD 2002
Francois Boulier University of Lille,  France  Habilitation 2006


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With my Students: Robin Scott, Wenqin Zhou, Wenyuan Wu (top) and Yang Zhang (bottom right)


The Award Ceremony of  "2006 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad" 

in the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto.






2005 Beijing