New geometric and numeric tools for the analysis of differential equations
BIRS 2 day Workshop 10w2134: Aug 13 - Aug 15, 2010

BIRS 2 Day Workshop - Titles and Abstracts

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Elena Celledoni , Energy preserving integrators Abstract

Jonathan Hauenstein , Regeneration and differential equations Abstract

Peter Hydon , Tools for preserving conservation laws Abstract

Silvana Ilie , Adaptivity for one-step numerical methods for differential equations Abstract

Theodore Kolokolnikov , Solving singular boundary value problems with very thin layers Abstract

Melvin Leok, Discrete Hamiltonian Variational Integrators and Discrete Hamilton-Jacobi Theory Abstract

Brynjulf Owren , Integral preserving numerical integrators for PDEs Abstract

Andrew Sommese , Zebra Fish, Tumor Growth, and Algebraic Geometry Abstract

Greg Reid , The numerical geometry of differential equations and applications Abstract

Jukka Tuomela , Numerical solution of overdetermined PDEs Abstract

Olivier Verdier , Reduction procedures for constrained linear PDEs Abstract

Charles Wampler , Mechanism mobility and a local dimension test Abstract

JF Williams , Scale-invariant adaptivity for PDEs with finite time blow up Abstract

Zhonggang Zeng , Subspace Strategy for Solving Polynomial Problems Abstract

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