New geometric and numeric tools for the analysis of differential equations
BIRS 2 day Workshop 10w2134: Aug 13 - Aug 15, 2010

BIRS 2 Day Workshop - Posters and Book Display

Please email title/abstract for your posters, or have your book, as part of our book display (send title/authors and link if possible).

Posters ( Presenter's are asterisked with a *)

Philippe Gaudreau*, Richard M. Slevinskyz and Hassan Safouhiz, Computation of Tail Probability Distributions via Extrapolation Methods Poster Abstract

Wenrui Hao*, A free boundary problem modeling tumor growth

C. Klein, B.K. Muite*, K. Roidot, Numerical Study of the Davey Stewartson System

Austin Roche*, A New Method for Functional Decomposition of Rational Invariants, and the Solution of Abel's Differential Equation via the Equivalence Method

Richard M. Slevinsky* and Hassan Safouhiz, New formulae for higher order derivatives and applications Poster Abstract

Paranai Vasudev* and Hassan Safouhiz, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Parameters for Molecules Poster Abstract

Carl Wulfman*, Recently Recognized Physical Consequences of The SO(4,2) invariance of Maxwell's Equations

Yang Zhang*, Computing normal forms of quaternion matrices

Book Display ( Presenter's are asterisked with a *)

George Bluman*, Alexei Cheviakov and Stephen Anco*, Applications of Symmetry Methods to Partial Differential Equations Book Description

Peter Hydon*, Symmetry Methods for Differential Equations Book Description

Elizabeth Mansfield (co-organizer), A Practical Guide to the Invariant Calculus Book Description

Andrew Sommese* and Charles Wampler*, The numerical solution of systems of polynomials arising in engineering and science Book Description

Carl Wulfman*, Dynamical Symmetry Book Description

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