Windows versions of ALDOR

There two different packages for the ALDOR compiler. GCC version uses MinGW compiler (or Cygwin version of MinGW). MSVC version uses Microsoft Visual C compiler. For the moment MSVC version does not support GMP library required for libalgebra.

Please download the file from the following links:
Note: It seems that is is compiled using libc.lib some programs do not work. If the intermediate code is compiled and run in Linux environment it works. One solution to this problem is to disable inlining (-qno-inline) or use debug version.

Slightly modified versions of winalgebra and winsumit:

Libsumit and libalgebra with pre-compiled libraries for Windows: Here are the already compiled packages for GMP 4.1: For any (Aldor related) problems you can contact me by email at:

Last Updated Feb 3, 2003