Joint Lab Meetings



Cars - drivers- -passengers list should be compiled two days prior the meeting date.
This list and the departure time must be e-mailed to everyone in the lab.
Usually everyone meets in front of Middlesex College at 8 a.m. sharp.


Send an e-mail to, ask who will need a parking pass for Friday.

You must have the list of names by Wednesday 3p.m.

Go the CS main office to see Angie and ask her to give you the instructions on getting parking passes for those people. Usually you have to e-mail parking office the list of drivers.

Send an e-mail to, announcing the time of the meeting, room number, main speaker, his/her talk title and an abstract, posters titles and their presenters.

·        3 thermoses

·      sugar

·        styrofoam cups,

·      milk

·        stir stick

·      cream

·        napkins

·      cookies

·        12 soft drinks

·      tea bags




= Good luck =





1. Order pizza or sandwiches:

§         Eastown Pizza, tel. 850-70-10, fax 850-1169

order 10 (for up to 35 people)-12(for up to 50 people) large pizzas:

2 Veggie,

2 plain cheese

1-2 Pepperoni,

1-2 BBQ chicken

2 Deluxe,

1 Mona Lisa or Pacino,

1 La riviera

Approx 230$ + 20$ tips.

N.B. Eastown pizza deliveries are usually late for ~30 min.

§         Sandwiches: Between the Bread, tel. 433-2412, fax. 433-9090

Order Combo sandwich tray for 35-45 people. 
*Please ensure there are egg salad, vegetarian  and non-pork meat sandwiches. Ask them to label non-pork and veggie trays.

2. Soft drinks

get 6-7 packs (x12 cans/bottles) pop and juice drinks.
Usually we get 1 pack of cola, 1 pack of diet cola, 2-3 other kinds of pop, and 2 pack of juice (apple and orange)


3. Coffee and al.

Get 1 pack of regular coffee,

½ liter of cream, ½ liter of milk,

1 pack of cookies.

If needed:

o       sugar,

o       coffee filters,

o       stir sticks,

o       styrofoam cups and plates,

o       napkins.

Save the receipts for all of the above.

Afterwards, in the main office get an expense claim form, fill it in, attach the receipts to be reimbursed.