East Coast Computer Algebra Day

May 13, 2000

Poster Listing

Optimizing Type Towers Sadaf Aslam
Convex Hulls of Semi-Algebraic Sets in the Plane Christopher W. Brown
Doubly-Periodic Solutions of Linear Homogeneous ODEs with Doubly-Periodic Coefficients R.F. Burger
Aldordoc: online Aldor program documentation Yannis Chicha and Stephen Watt
Numerical implicitization of parametric hypersurfaces with linear algebra Rob Corless et. al.
Maple has signed zeros Rob Corless et. al.
Squarefree Decomposition of univariate polynomials depending on a real parameter Gema M. Diaz
A cellular model for topographic changes in braided rivers Andrea Doeschl
Parallel Computing, Computer Algebra Systems and Distributed Calculations Jeff Gardiner
A New Algorithm For Computing the Determinant and Smith Form of an Integer Matrix Mark Giesbrecht
Applications of Computer Algebra To Moduli Spaces of Curves Nikolaj Glazunov
Experiments in Computer Algebra on a Linux Cluster Markus Hitz
Thread-safe NTL Bradford Hovinen
Complex Mu Computation Based on Computer Algebra Nainn-Ping Ke
Central Configurations in the N-body problem of Celestial Mechanics Ilias Kotsireas
Kinetic Polynomial, Resultant, and Groebner Bases:  Polynomial Elimination in Chemical Kinetics Mark Lazman
Some Issues in Exact Geometric Computation Chen Li
Fractional Differential Equations with Maple Xiaorang Li
LinearAlgebra: a new package for Maple 6 David Linder
Unwinding Numbers for the Logarithmic, Inverse Trigonometric and Inverse Hyperbolic Functions Gurjeet Litt
Computation of Normal Forms Using Maple Xianping Liu
Mathematical Handwriting Analysis for MathML Generation Arthur Louie
Sparse Resultants under Compositon Manfred Minimair
On the Simplification of Tensor Expressions Nabil Obeid
AREP -- a Package for Constructive Representation Theory and Fast Signal transforms Markus Pueschel
A Computer Language for Implementing Fast Signal Transforms Markus Pueschel
Maple-Assisted Scenario Analysis for Corporate Bond Pricing Henning Rasmussen
Implementation of the Fast Fourier Transform using Pentium III SIMD Instructions Fraser Ruffell
The Generic Field and Black Box Matrix Models in the LinBox Library William J. Turner
Computation of Simplest Normal Forms Yuan Yuan
Computation of Normal Forms for Forced Nonliear Oscillation Equations without Resonance Songhui Zhu