Topics & Format of Conference

This conference will bring together researchers from very active areas within symbolic computation and computational algebra. Talks will be given by a broad range of researchers and will present new developments in both theory and applications. The aim is to disseminate new results and attract new researchers to this exciting and fast growing area.

  • commutative computational algebra
  • non-commutative computational algebra
  • algebraic geometry
  • polynomial and differential equation solving
  • differential algebra
  • coding theory
  • symbolic-numeric methods
  • semidefinite programming and real algebraic geometry
  • geometric invariant theory
  • applications to signal processing
  • Format of Conference:

    Main Conference (July 15-19): The conference will consist of 10 one hour invited talks (see the complete list of one speakers below) and 25 half hour talks (also invited). The one hour talks will be designed for an audience of nonspecialists, in particular, for students and researchers wishing to learn about the area. The shorter talks will be designed to discuss current developments in the field. The main goals of the conference are the exchange of ideas, dissemination of results, facilitation of interactions between workers in the various areas of symbolic computation included, and discussion of current problems in this fast growing, exciting field of research.

    Pre-Conference Workshop (July 13-14): Topics include: coding theory; geometric invariant theory; and interaction between Symbolic-Numeric Computation and Computational Algebra. These coordinated mini-courses will be aimed at graduate students and non-specialists.

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