Rob Corless's Comments about Restaurant's in London

 Near Richmond Row: (in no particular order) 

5.  Willie's Cafe (731 Wellington, across the tracks from Station Park)
    --- excellent lunches, original soups
        make reservations 433-9027
        They're repainting the exterior and have taken down the sign;
        it just looks like an old rundown house.
        Mentioned in "Where to Eat in Canada"

6.  Village Cafe 715 Richmond
    --- excellent lunches
        across the street from Station Park & up a bit
        Mentioned in "Where to Eat in Canada"    

7.  Prince Albert's Diner; 565 Richmond ( corner of Albert and Richmond )
    --- American style, great milkshakes

8.  Jambalaya 646 Richmond
    --- Caribbean food; piquante

9.  Curry Garden 374 Richmond
    (Chris Smith's favourite; I also like Jewel of India)

10. Waldo's 215 Piccadilly
    --- higher tone (and prices, but good)

11. Garlic's 481 Richmond St

12. Blue Ginger 644 Richmond
    --- higher tone (and prices, almost worth it)   

13. Villa Cornelia 142 Kent St (off Richmond)
    --- excellent wine cellar, good European food

14. Marienbad  122 Carling (off Richmond)
    --- Germanic food; excellent pumpkin-seed bread, I remember

15. Murano 394 Waterloo (go down Richmond, left on King to Waterloo)
    --- Italian style, good food (a bit pricey but well worth it)

16. "Home" 113 King St (between Talbot & Richmond, across from the Market)
    --- excellent food

17. La Casa 117 King St (next to "Home")
    --- italian, excellent food and wine

18. Alfredo's (in Covent Garden Market)
    --- italian, good food                   
A little farther away:

19. Dragon Court 931 Oxford (you'll need to drive or take a cab)
    --- Chinese, decent buffet

20. Angelo's 130 Thompson 438-9863
             (drive along Sarnia Road to Wonderland, left on Wonderland,
              left at first lights, Angelo's is on the left)
    --- bakery, Italian groceries and deli, and has a counter
        where you can get delicious pastas etc cooked in front of you,
        splitting a meal gives you a very cheap and superb meal.
    --- Would be a 25 minute walk, so driving better

21. Lal Qila 460 Egerton 457-0811
    --- Excellent Indian food, good if small buffet,
        real Tandoori oven                

22. Rivierview 284 Wonderland
    --- dine right on the river, very pleasant in good weather
        (by the Guy Lombardo Museum)

23. Mykonos 572 Adelaide 434-6736
   --- excellent Greek food, wonderful place.

 Around the University  

1.  Eastown Pizza (near the University Gates, near Alumni House)
    --- has won some international competitions; seriously good.
        I don't personally know the one by the gates, there are
        now several in town.  Opposite side of Campus, 20 min walk.

2.  Hospital cafeteria (3rd floor, University Hospital)
    --- open, subsidized, decent, plain, 10 min walk. 

3.  The Grad Club (in Middlesex College, ground floor)
    --- Patio is pleasant.  The biggest opening hours on Campus.
        10 min walk.

4.  The Wave (in University Campus Centre)
    --- open for lunches (I believe), and some evenings (not sure)
        Undergraduate hangout, edible food