The Aldor XML interface


We have implemented a set of domains in Aldor, which include: We describe the structure of the domains that we have implemented in Aldor and the interoperability between them.


We have implemented a category UniCodeCharacter which contains signatures of a number of functions which must be implemented in order that a domain has this category. These are specifically: We have also implemented the following unicode encodings:

XML DOM Implementation

We have implemented a subset of the XML DOM level 2 which is sufficient for our needs. The domains which implement this subset are parameterised by a domain of type UnicodeCharacter. The encoding which will underlie the strings encoding the XML will be encoded using these domains. The actual code for these functions is performed using the lowest level routines available in the Aldor system. The sort of functions which are available in these domains include:

Presentation MathML, Content MathML Domains

These domains are built over the XML domain mentioned above. They provide functions for constructing MathML objects, and will eventually provide a complete coverage of MathML.

Extension of other domains

Even with all the above domains implemented, it is still necessary to extend other domains with functions to implement the translations. A specific translation will be dependent on the representation of the Aldor object as well as the form of the MathML object corresponding to this object. The categories containing the functions are: Contact: