The symmetry package in Maple

by K. Gatermann (FU/ZIB Berlin), F. Guyard (Universite de Nice)

This is a Maple package which can be used as a tool in equivariant dynamical systems. The questions centered around the generic equivariant vector field are considered. Both finite groups and continuous groups are supported.

The topics are

The package comes with
a documentation -
a installation test file - symmetry.test
two worksheets with examples - symmetry.txt, symmetrycg.txt
the Maple source Code - symmetry

You may pick up the file by pressing the underlined name and save it to your local directory. Depending on whether your netscape or mosaic already uncompresses it you give it the name symmetry3.2.tar.Z or symmetry3.2.tar.
Unpack the file:
If your mosaic or netscape does not uncompress it
uncompress symmetry3.2.tar.Z
tar -xvf symmetry3.2.tar
unpacks the Maple code, a documentation and a test file into the directory

Using the symmetry package you will need as well the moregroebner package which you get by www in the same way.

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