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Developed Software

K. Gatermann:
SYMMETRY. Linear representation theory. Reduce network library, available via electronic mail at, 1991. Documentation is available .
K. Gatermann, A. Hohmann:
SYMCON Version 2 . available by anonymous ftp from elib at ZIB, 1992. Symbolic part is also available here together with its documentation .
K. Gatermann:
moregroebner. An improvement of the Maple package grobner for computation of Gröbner bases. Available by www.
K. Gatermann, F. Guyard:
symmetry. A Maple package for computation of invariants and equivariants.
Available by www.
K. Gatermann, A. Sensse:
storch1.0 . A Maple V.7 package for mass action kinetics.
Available by www.

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