by K. Gatermann (FU/ZIB Berlin)

RSYMCON is a package developed for bifurcation theory with symmetry. All grouptheoretic information are computed which are necessary for the numerical treatment of parameter dependent problems with the symmetry of a finite group. Based on the SYMMETRY Package in Reduce which stores some finite small groups together with their irreducible linear representations the following informations are computed

The numerical part of SYMCON has been developed together with A. Hohmann.
You may pick up the file by pressing the underlined name and save it to your local directory. Depending on whether your netscape or mosaic already uncompresses it you give it the name rsymcon.tar.Z or rsymcon.tar.
Unpack the file:
If your mosaic or netscape does not uncompress it
uncompress rsymcon.tar.Z
tar -xvf rsymcon.tar
unpacks the Reduce code, an installation guide and documentations of symcon and SYMMETRY into the directory
The installation guide describes how to make Reduce binaries from the *.red files.
Then the symbolic part of symcon is easily loaded into the REDUCE session
by typing
in "rsymcon/";

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