Session 18. Computer Algebra and Computer Analysis
at the 
GAMM-Jahrestagung 2004, Dresden, Germany
21-27 March 2004.

We would like to announce the session Computer Algebra and Computer Analysis of the GAMM annual meeting 2004 (GAMM = Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik) which will take place in Dresden from 21. to 27. March 2004, see

This large international meeting offers sessions in a wide variety of topics in applied mathematics, numerical mathematics and mechanics. Our session 18 Computer Algebra and Computer Analysis will be organized by Karin Gatermann, Berlin ( and Walter Gander, ETH Zürich (

The length of the contributed talks will be 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion. Special talks will be 35 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.

There will be the following talks:

Werner Seiler (IWR Heidelberg) (35 min) : Vessiot theory of differential equations

Sebastian Walcher (RWTH Aachen) ( 35 min) : tba

Walter Gander (ETH Zürich, Switzerland): Herleitung von numerischen Algorithmen mittels Computer Algebra

Carsten Schneider (RISC, Linz, Austria): Symbolic Summation over Recurrences and Indefinite Nested Sums and Products

Thomas Bayer (TU Muenchen): Computing optimal descriptions of orbit spaces and strata of compact Lie groups

Mariana Lüderitz Kolberg (PUCRS): New Accurate Expressions in C-XSC

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kulisch (Karlsruhe): Hardware Support for Interval Arithmetic

Liara Aparecida dos Santos (Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul): A Categorical View to Structural Complexity

Nebojsa Mudrinski (Faculty of Science Novi Sad): On monoids of endomorphisms of homogeneous graphs Undecidability of Automorphism Groups of Countable Homogeneous Graphs

Dr. Markus Neher (Karlsruhe): CoStLy: A Validated Library for Complex Functions

The schedule of talks is:

Tuesday 13.30h-15.30h:
Chairperson: Karin Gatermann
Walcher (35 min)
Bayer (beamer)
Gander (beamer)

Thursday 13.30h-15.30h:
Chairperson: Walter Gander
Seiler (35 min, beamer)
Kolberg (beamer)
Neher (beamer)

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Dresden.

Last Update: January 22, 2004 by Karin Gatermann